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10 Amazing UK Black British Beauty Brands to Support

Chimnonso Onyekwelu

“Black is beautiful” isn’t just a phrase. Over the years, it has spelt out resilience, essence, and dominance. So many black-owned beauty brands are steering the charge in taking the beauty industry to another level.

You can associate many of beauty’s most-booked treatments and biggest trends like hair extension, nail art, makeup, acrylic nails, and much more to black culture. They aren’t just concerned about giving wide shades ranges; the black beauty brands have played a crucial role in integrating and expanding a free conversation among the different races.

Some of these amazing brands are pushing to produce and give distinctive value to women when it comes to skincare, makeup, and hair care for all skin types. Let’s jump right into some of these brands and why they deserve maximum support.

10 Top UK Black British Beauty Brands

1. Liha Beauty

Credit: Liha Beauty website

This beauty brand was launched by two friends, Abi Oyepitan and Liha Okunniwa. You definitely can’t go wrong with the Liha beauty brand when it comes to a wide variety of products. It’s a combination of African roots and a British flair.

Their products stem from the Yoruba (Nigeria) tradition of making soaps, body lotions, and all kinds of beauty oil from nuts, plants, and tree backs. According to Okunniwa, her mother was an English aromatherapist, and this was how she got her skills that have significantly thrived.

The Idan oil can be used as a hair and body oil out of the many assorted products from this line. You can wear it as a perfume.

2. Danessa Myricks Beauty

Credit: Danessa Myricks Beauty website

This black British beauty brand represents diversity when finding what works for your skin type. With its variability in products, ranging from radiant cream colour palettes to dew care berry melting balms, you are set on course for a whole freshness.

Danessa Myricks has become a well-known brand and is still gaining ground all over the US because of its flair for experimental make-up looks. This amazing brand thrives with an international fanbase like Lisa Eldridge, Katie Jane Hughes, Delina Medhin.

It’s a delight to know that this brand just commenced a Cult Beauty in the UK where you can shop for amazing products with ease.

3. Floral & Curl

Credit: Flora & Curl website

They say every cloud has a silver lining. Rose Ovensehi’s quest to find the perfect hair care routine for her hair gave birth to the floral and curl haircare brand.

Flora & Curl has a variety of products generated from plant-based ingredients like Brazilian oil and Ghanaian butter. These products are generated from natural and non-harmful chemicals, perfect for moisturizing and strengthening the hair.

These black beauty brands’ products help you achieve and maintain curls for all hair types. Organic Rose shampoo, Honey Cream Shampoo, and coconut mint curls are perfect for achieving healthy curls.

4. Beauty Bakerie

Are you worried about getting the exact shade of foundation for your face? Beauty Bakerie is a go-to for getting all foundation types. You can easily shop for a complete makeup kit,  eyeshadows palettes, bronzer, compact powder, setting sprays, lipsticks, oil, and many more.

Beauty Bakerie was established by Cashmere Nicole, a single mum, and a Nurse. Her inspiration for owning her beauty brand was born in 2011 after suffering from breast cancer. Baking products inspire every product from the Beauty Bakerie, and she sees it as a medium to explore her artistic nature and creativity.

5. Ori Lifestyle

Credit: Ori Lifestyle website

The Ori lifestyle and natural hair care founder, Titi Bello, is an adherent lover of natural Afro hair. His passion for afro hair can be traced to his Yoruba culture in Nigeria. They esteem great reverence for natural hair.

Ori, in his culture, means” head,” it is believed that the head is an excellent link for perception, so it should be cared for, reserved, and respected. When it comes to producing high-quality ingredients to aid hair growth and maintain perfect health, the Ori lifestyle will do justice. Their products come in different assortments, including hair oils to moisturize any hair texture.

What’s more? This Ori product is suitable for the skin and perfect for all skin types. However, if you are also looking for a new wide-tooth comb or heat camp, you just found the right source.

6. Uoma Beauty

Credit: Uoma Beauty website

Uoma Beauty Brand offers you a catalogue of amazing collections to help you navigate the hassle of choosing, narrowing your options. All products are pocket-friendly, so you can always work with your budget and still earn quality products.

They offer a variety of products for all skin types and under-tone to match. Products ranging from foundations, high pigmented eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, brow gels, and compact powder are all available at Uoma Beauty.

The Uoma Beauty brand was launched by Sharon Chuter, who has a strong opposition against racism. She was a former LVMH executive (Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton SE) and an all-round beauty expert.

7. Bouclém

Credit: Boucleme website

Unlike other hair types, curly hairs need a little extra care for maintenance daily. It needs products that can penetrate the cuticle keeping the hair moisturized to maintain its curls.

Boucleme is the perfect curl booster that guarantees longevity and leaves your hair feeling hydrated and healthy. Michele Scott-Lynch’s passion was born from the desire to have healthy and free frizz curls using natural plant ingredients.

Boucleme utilizes natural plants’ powers to produce excellent products that keep your curls intact and moisturized.

8. The Wig Fix

Are you tired of your wig slipping off your hair, causing irritation on your scalp, or damaging your hairline? Then you need the Wig Fix.

They are the perfect fix for allowing your wig to sit comfortably on your head without the fear of a damaged hairline. The wig Fix is durable and can be used for an extended period. It can last you a year if usage is daily.

This amazing brand was launched by a 25-year-old Black British female, Aasiyah Abdulsalam. She vented her dissatisfaction with the wig industry and took a bold step in creating the Wig Fix brand.

9. Dizziak

Dizziak is not your regular kind of shampoo. It is made from oil and butter plants to feed the hair. Some of these powerful ingredients are shea butter, argan, aloe vera, babassu,  coconut, just to mention a few.

The benefits of these products are incredible, and they leave your hair moisturized, clean, and feeling light. Dizziak brand was founded by Londoner Loretta De Feo, who had difficulty finding a conditioner to fit her hair texture. She created her conditioner, which is suitable for every hair type today.

10 Epara Skincare

Credit: Epara Skincare website

Epara skincare is gotten from the rich soils of Africa that would leave your skin glowing. Ozohu Adoh, the founder of this brand, was passionate about protecting the skin tone of black women, keeping their skin moisturized.

Over the years, Adoh Ozohu had suffered from several skin conditions, and after several futile attempts, she decided to come up with her product. Her skin care product has served as a therapy for many black women in revitalizing their skin and protecting it from harsh conditions.

What more? Epara transcends beyond the black skin tone. It’s a perfect procedure for all skin types.

These ten black British beauty brands are tried and trusted, made by and for black women that everyone can rely on. These brands deserve some accolades, especially from a community that has been marginalized over the years.

Not only are they pioneering the way, but they are also changing the rules when it comes to the beauty industry—adding value to the black culture and inspiring men and women all over the world.

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