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The 10 Best Caribbean Restaurants in Birmingham

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Are you drooling at the thought of hot jerk chicken or a plate of ackee and saltfish? What better place to get this than at a Caribbean restaurant. And guess what? That is the topic at hand!

Caribbean dishes are a blend of Creole, Cajun, African, and West Indian flavours, all mixed up in one yummy saucy meal. Their recipes are authentic and are deeply rooted in their rich Caribbean culture.

Luckily for you, you need not cross over to the Caribbean to have a taste of these culinary wonders. Right here in Birmingham, many Caribbean restaurants are serving these delightful delicacies.

To help you have the best Caribbean dining experience, we have selected ten of the best Caribbean restaurants for you. So giddy up, let’s take this ride.
10 Best Caribbean Restaurants in Birmingham

1. 24 Carat Bistro & Deli Bar

One of the finest Caribbean restaurants in Birmingham is 24 Carat Bistro. This family-owned restaurant serves just about the yummiest meal in Birmingham.

Looking to have the best Caribbean meals in a homely and welcoming setting? You just found a match. They serve fresh home-cooked meals that are nothing short of mouthwatering delights.

Their Caribbean by Candlelight nights will give you the best fun you’ve had in a while. So do well to go on a first or second Saturday of the month. It’s an experience you will relish even in your dreams.

Address: 27 Warstone Lane, Birmingham B18 6JQ

2. Bailey’s Caribbean Restaurant Limited

Another awesome Caribbean restaurant in Birmingham is Bailey’s Caribbean Restaurant Limited. Known for their great customer service, Bailey’s restaurant serves meals fit for a king.

Their assorted menu is delicately prepared to suit all taste buds. Granted, you will find your favourite Caribbean dish sitting pristinely on the menu.

Quite classical is their Calzones, Kebabs, and Pasta. All these appetizing dishes are prepared for you at a very modest price. So when next you crave a pizza, burger, or omelette, do well to grace their door.

Address: 103 New Town Row, Birmingham B6 4HG

3. Blue Marlin Caribbean & English Takeaway

Credit: Blue Marlin Caribbean & English Takeaway Instagram account

Another delectable Caribbean restaurant in Birmingham is Blue Marlin Caribbean. Indeed, they serve mouthwatering and scrumptious Caribbean delights with a smile.

Asides from their yummy delicacies, Blue Marlin’s beautiful fireplace and great music will keep you coming back. Their serene atmosphere makes it the perfect place for your lunch break.

They offer the best Caribbean meals, all with your health in view. And if you are a vegetarian? They’ve got you covered. Their scrumptious vegetarian dishes will make you daydream at night.

Address: 26 Coventry Road, Birmingham B10 0RX

4. Devon House Jamaican Restaurant & Bar

Want to enjoy a luscious Caribbean meal in the most relaxed atmosphere? Then Devon House Jamaican Restaurant and Bar is your best bet.

They serve the best marinated and cooked fresh meals with natural seasonings and herbs. Their assorted wine and cocktail bar serves as a perfect complement to their authentic Jamaican cuisine.

Do well to check out their Negril point. There, you are guaranteed to have the best fun with your friends and family. With awesome artists giving you live entertainment in the background, this is a guarantee

Address: 16 Hall Street, Birmingham B18 6BS

5. Deep Experience Jamaican Grill & Bar

Credit: Deep Experience Jamaican Grill & Bar website

Opened in 2007, this West Indian restaurant is certainly one of the best Caribbean restaurants in Birmingham. Their welcoming atmosphere and service are next to none.

Check out their brown bean stew and curried goat and you will keep coming back for more. Their unique cuisine is served in both a la carte style or buffet dining style.

Whether you want their delivery service, a dine-in, or take away, Deep Experience lives up to their name. Their promise of giving you a deep sumptuous Caribbean dining experience is certainly not a fib.

Address: 34 Bristol Street, Birmingham B5 7AA

6. Aunt Sally’s Caribbean Food

Credit: Aunt Sally’s Caribbean Food Facebook page

Certainly a hidden gem, Aunt Sally’s is yet another noteworthy Caribbean restaurant in Birmingham. Their assorted healthy menu will give you the best taste of Caribbean delights!

Aunt Sally’s is known for its friendly atmosphere and impeccable service. Worthy of mention is their hot spicy jerk chicken and aromatic mutton curries. They are one to die for.

So are you ready to have a great meal, rich wine, superb company, and live music all at once? Head over to Aunt Sally’s for an experience you can’t wait to have again.

Address: 193 Corporation Street, Birmingham B4 6SE

7. Mellow’s Bar & Restaurant

Credit: Mellow’s Bar & Restaurant website

Mellow’s Bar & Restaurant is definitely one of the best Caribbean restaurants in Birmingham. It got its unique name from the childhood nickname given to the owner by family and friends.

More than just being a multi-award winning restaurant, Mellow’s Bar, serves some of the best meals in the country. Their dishes are a modern infusion of Caribbean’s best flavours and recipes.

For the perfect food, drinks and atmosphere, take a walk over to Mellow’s Bar and see for yourself. You owe us a thank you when you do.

Address: 57 Grosvenor Street W, Birmingham B16 8HJ

8. Earth’s Kitchen

Credit: Earth’s Kitchen Facebook page

Just as the name implies, Earth’s Kitchen serves you appetizing plant-based foods and dishes. Even their smoothies and juices are all spiced with juicy flavours. And guess what? They are all gluten-free.

Their cosy atmosphere, yummy meals, and awesome service keep their customers running back for more. Who wouldn’t, when you have classical live music also serenading the atmosphere.

Desirous of giving your partner or kids a treat? Then take a trip to Earth’s Kitchen. They promised you the best Caribbean dining adventure. That you will get and more.

Address: 180 High Street Deritend, Birmingham B12 OLD

9. Adian’s Dining

Renowned chef Adian Montaque left the glamour of the hospitality industry to open this five-star restaurant. By far one of the best Caribbean restaurants in Birmingham, Adian’s Dining, presents you with a cuisine tropical fusion.

Their meals are cooked with amazing ingredients from the Caribbean, Asia, and India. Likewise, their bar boasts of some of the best cocktails, wines, and soft drinks for their customers.

So are you preparing for a date night, family meals or a special occasion, Adian’s Dining is the first place to book a seat? There you will have the best fusion experience ever!

Address: 144 Potters Lane, Aston, Birmingham B6 4UU

10. Tru Spice Caribbean Restaurant & Jerk Chicken

This list will certainly be incomplete without Tru Spice Caribbean Restaurant & Jerk Chicken. Their delightful dishes and cocktails make them one of the best Caribbean restaurants in Birmingham.

Tru spice’s menu provides you with an eclectic mix of various Caribbean dishes to choose from. When you get this chance, be sure to try out their half jerk chicken with pepper prawns and coleslaw.

All of these treats are accompanied by a yummy dessert, a great view, and live music. You need not wait for the weekends. Give yourself a treat and visit Tru Spice during lunch break tomorrow. You will be certainly glad you did!

Address: 128 Highgate Street, Birmingham B12 0XR

Caribbeans, unarguably serve some of the best meals on the planet. Thanks to the many industrious Caribbeans in the UK, you need not fly across the border to eat a Caribbean meal.

These 10 Caribbean restaurants in Birmingham are our top picks. So do well to check them out when next you crave some Caribbean delight!

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