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10 Most Breathtaking Beaches in Jamaica


As you are reading this article, imagine that you are on the beaches. With the lockdown and restrictions going on in the world, you can’t go to certain places. As well as, congregate in large groupings especially in public places. Regardless, imagine that you are eating the Peppa shrimp/swims on the sand. Or, watching your family members play or walk along the sand. As well as, you are sitting down and soaking up as much Vitamin D as the sun has to offer. Beaches are as many of us know one of the selling points in Jamaica. So how about we narrow it down to the top 10 beaches in Jamaica:

Let’s Begin:

1. Dead end Beach

The dead-end beach is at the end of northern centra Montego Bay hence the name of the “beach”. Although a unique name, it is an accessible beach to many as it is free of cost. It is near to the Donald Sangster International Airport. So, you could be on the beach and see the planes departing and/or arriving at the airport.

2. Bluefields Beach

Bluefields beach is located on the deep western side of the island in the parish of Westmoreland. Although it is a long journey to reach there, it is worth the drive. It is a popular tourist attraction because of the pristine water, white sandy beaches, and even a cool breeze. Also, it is near other popular areas such as Floyd Pelican Par.


3. Gut Beach

The names of the beaches never cease to amaze me, and I am sure you as well.
Gut beach is connected to the “gut river” in Manchester. To reach the beach you will have to traverse along the off beaten path, pass along the river, as well as another pathway. The beach isn’t as popping as the other beaches if you are looking for “blue” water, and white sandy beaches. However, I consider it a hidden gem as the water is clean, the surrounding areas are clean, and it is peaceful.

4. Boston Beach

Boston beach is a Jamaican favourite. On most public holidays you will see family and friends gather from near and far to spend time together at the beach. There are jerk men who will be there to sell you a ¼ pound of chicken (I prefer pork!) with the festival. As well as, they can tell you the different changes with the beaches over the years that you may not have been aware of. It is located in Port Antonio.

5. Lime Cay

This a popular beach for the “youngsters” nowadays. Not only do they visit the beach, but they have their yacht parties with their group of friends regularly. As well as, you can book a yacht to carry you out there if you so desire. Lime cay is a perfect beach with clear waters, sandy sun, and breeze galore. If you just want to spend a day at a beach in Kingston – check it out!


6. James Bond Beach

The beach is named after James Bond as the writer’s, Ian Flemming, started the James Bond story in Jamaica. Also, he frequented the beach during that time which is now a part of his state. Similar to the other beaches, the colours and feel are resort-like. Also, it is a low-key (or low frequented) beach that you can visit if you want to avoid crowds. James Bond Beach is in Ocho Rios.


7. Frenchman Cove

Frenchman cove has become popular as I got older. It wasn’t one of those famous beaches I heard about when I was younger. However, I wish it was as the beach gives me a resort feel. Another port Antonio favourite because of everything. Frenchman cove has good food, pristine water, a swing to jump off in the water, and so much. You do have to pay to enter however it is worth every dime spent. What I love about it is the amazing view that it has. If you sit in the middle of the beach and lookout, you’ll see where the water and the sky meet. As well as, the trees in your periphery which gives a tranquil shot.


8. 7 Mile Beach

I am not aware of anyone measuring the length and bread of the beach. However, it is one of the longest beaches in Jamaica. You will be walking and trust me it would seem as if there is no end. However, while walking along the Negril shoreline you will find things to do. You may have jerk pork with a festival, play in e water, build sandcastles, sleep under a tree in the sand or just have a beer. It is near a popular resort so similarly; the water is a lovely bright turquoise with pearly white sandy.

9. Dunns River Falls Beach

Dunn’s River is a very popular destination for the falls. But did you know, the beach is as spectacular too? We’re not sold on the beach because the fall is the main aspect. Don’t get me wrong the falls are spectacular especially after the climb. And, you’ll be so excited to get down to have fun at the beach. And, the beach is no less breath-taking. The beach is beautiful with clear water, and sandy beaches. As well as, you’ll see groups of people being taken out on the boat to explore the waters even more.

10. Pigeon Island

I decided to save this beach for last because whenever I see it, I feel as if I am a resort beach. Similar to most of the other beaches it has beautiful waters, breezy and sand galore. However, this beach just brings a calming effect on the body. It could be because a lot of individuals don’t visit it, so it’s never crowded. Regardless, it is worth every visit to deep rural St. Catherine/Clarendon, depending on which side you are visiting from.

There are many hidden gems in Jamaica that may not be known to all of us.
So, if you know of any beaches that we haven’t mentioned – comment down below and let us know!

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