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8 Most Beautiful Beaches to have a swim in Barbados

Ryan Boyce

Naturally, when you consider the current global pandemic, there is one sure place that you can go to get away in Barbados to relieve that stress of information overload or depression. Many do so at every given opportunity so that they can either rejuvenate, meditate, enjoy the power of the water waves or just sit and do nothing but calm sublime. That opportunity is to visit the beach, let’s take a look around the island and enjoy the beauty of such.



One of the first beaches which come to mind is Heywoods. This stretch of beauty is on the north-western coast just shy of Speightstown. You know it is beautiful because it is one of the areas where Bajans jostle whenever they have a chance to enjoy a charming sunset, as well as to enjoy the views of the next-door luxury marina and its architecture. In fact, the stretch of beach if you continue only on the sand can place you right into Speightstown itself. Persons living in this area enjoy a contrast of calm waters and a hint of Northern surge ever so often, and that adds just a little excitement to the beach. At Heywoods, there is the wider open area for the swimmers and then the few rock enclosed areas for those non-swimmers and children.



Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and Behold! The East Coast area of Bathsheba. This is especially artistic for those who like the striking rock formations which also act as an enormous private alcove towards the Atlantic. It also appears as if the huge boulders are strategically placed on the sand as a complete art form. However, they are gigantic ancient coral reef formations. Bathsheba is found in the St.Joseph village, and standing on any of the rock formations gives you a sense of ultimate power. This beach is ideal to enjoy a morning sunrise. This beach is often highlighted on postcards and canvas prints to those missing home, while it boasts as being one of the first beaches many movie directors visit before they jaunt around to the other bits of scenery.


Long Pond Beach

This beach is not very high traffic nor a touristy type of beach, and therefore the natural aesthetics of the area is very much preserved. Situated on the northeastern coast of Barbados in St. Andrew, the picturesque spot provides many opportunities for you to enjoy the beauty of seeing many shore and water birds, crabs and fauna. This is one beach that brings wildlife ecology and conservation to the fore, while still being surrounded by sand dunes and pristine vegetation on one side and the rolling hills on the other. Many still refer to this area as one of the scenic beaches in Barbados. Additionally, you get to see the rarity of the calmer Long Pond River meeting the ravaging Atlantic Ocean.


Bottom Bay

This beach has become a place for intimate wedding settings, and for reasons more so of its sense of privacy and also its beauty. The Bottom Bay Beach is found on the southeastern side of the island, and the water is somewhat a lot calmer here. What compliments the makeup of beauty is that the surrounding cliffs provide a panoramic view of the south side of the island. Whereas in order to access the beach the quaint cobblestone type steps is a significant contrast here providing the last hurdle to proverbial freedom. This beach is located near to the historic Sam Lord’s Castle.


Miami Beach

Found on the south coast and adjacent to Oistins town, is Miami Beach. This spot is recognised as one of the most beautiful beaches in Barbados. In this area, you can consider the sand to be a bit whiter, and powdery due to the coral reef nature of the island. During a low tide, the exposure of a unique assortment of sea-shells can occur, allowing you the chance to enhance your personal collection. Part of the final descent via plane into Barbados’ airport takes you over this beach, and it gives the passengers an opportunity of what awaits them. This is a significant picnic spot as the myriad of casuarina trees provide a cooling and shaded canopy for when you exit the water while allowing children to freely play unhindered. Having the south coast lighthouse in your photo here also adds to the charm and beauty of the spot.


Brandons Beach

The beach here has a superb mix of pinkish coloured and coral-white coloured sand. Depending on the time of day and the light intensity, the respective colour is highlighted. The almost endless stretch of powered sand that you can walk on from one end to another, is what attracts all persons. More recently is the just added waterpark which easily grabs the attention of youngsters, while complimenting the beach. The Brandons Beach has an elegant mix of trees for an intimate picnic and open beach area. This is the perfect beach to watch the orange sunset meeting the aquamarine water. If you have never seen it, you will be sure to witness the green flash which happens as the sun slips beyond the water.


River Bay

Found on the northern tip of Barbados, this beach is one sweet spot for numerous Barbadians.This is also a favourite beach for a picnic spot. It is here that you get to enjoy the powerful surf and swells of the Atlantic Ocean but within a safe and sheltered zone of a bay. The bay is naturally designed through the juxtaposition of the cliffs on either side, enabling even the most senior to enjoy the spot. It is because of River Bay being one of the most beautiful beaches in Barbados, that it was used to launch a national celebration on January 1st 2020. It is on the cliff of this beach that several wedding proposals are still made, as well as footage for some airline commercials and International destination travel shows.



The name as it suggests may be more of a misnomer as the beach is actually quite sandy. This one is unique as it is where three beaches meet, so you practically get a three for one special. This means then that the layout is quite extensive and also the beauty of contrasts exists right here. The embodied tension of the southern waters seems to gradually ease into the expected calmer western type water, which leads into the active stretch on Bay Street. Often you can find an artist whether photographic or even a painter, trying to capture the moods of the beach space. Three beaches, one spot and the contrast of some hotel development against no development. This is further enhanced during twilight as for example an evening beach lime on the undeveloped beach, can be set against the dotted lighting of the commercially developed space.


In Barbados, all with the exception of two parishes will boast that they have some of the most beautiful beaches around. These can feature from the rugged and unspoilt to the more cleverly arranged and developed spots. Of course, some offer you turtle nesting, adventure and eco opportunities, while others offer the taste to simply picnic and chill.


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